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Church, Place Of Worship
7811 Vegas Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA
Coordinate: 36.1872093, -115.2660517
Rating: 4.70
Phone: +1 702-880-7811
Jacqueline Jones (13/11/2017 07:49)
Warm, friendly and welcoming. Great women's ministry.

Baltazar Reyes (30/10/2017 08:54)
It brought some peace to my soul and detection to my life .

steve ennis (17/07/2017 05:33)
We visited Shadow Hills Church today with my sister and brother in law. We really enjoyed the music and gospel centered preaching
We will definitely visit again on our next trip to Las Vegas.

Kelly Kelly (09/07/2017 08:26)
Absolutely fsntastic! The young minister did an outstanding sermon. MARTHA, MARTHA, MARTHA! You would have been very proud of him Pastor Rochelle.

Kim Jackson (08/06/2017 12:48)
Amazing and uplifting Wednesday night again. I thank God for all my wonderful sisters in Christ who are my rock

Paul Romero (04/06/2017 08:45)
This is the most loving, accepting, healing church in Las Vegas.There is a true moving of the Spirit during the entire service..
Pastor Michael is truly inspirational and very funny without even trying..
Great place to get fed on God's Word..

Caren Jones (24/05/2017 09:15)
After attending Shadow Hills for nearly 4 years our family left. We left because of a problem that came up and the staff (Executive Pastor and the Childrens Minister) didn't handle the issue in a Christ-like way. The Senior Pastor was very rude to my husband when the church had a anniversary celebration for him (the Senior Pastor). They always tell church goers every Sunday to attend a Membership Class. They expected us to attend a Bible Study during one of the 3 services and then attend one Sunday morning service.-That makes for a very long morning for my 2 young children. My husband and I were both members. The members there were very unfriendly [to my husband I].Shadow Hills is a mega church which made them too big too care.

Michael Lucas (11/10/2016 06:06)
Great place for millennials looking to get connected with other like minded individuals. Tons of classes on Sunday and during the week as well.

dat boi (06/06/2016 01:24)
Pastor Michael, never fails in his sermons. The ladies elevate bible studies are eye opening, and heart felt. The church is so family oriented.

Americus Velocitus (22/11/2015 03:38)
I'm in Vegas for Cotto v Alvarez, I met a really great person named Tanya who attends this lovely congregation and she turned me onto it. I'll be there every Sunday that I am in Vegas here after. Thank you.

endrick endrick (09/11/2015 02:09)
If you don't want to become a member of this church don't come because if you do, you will never leave. I'm telling you from experience, Pastor michael will teach you what you really need in your daily life and your heart will be touched. People are so friendly, it is just amazing.

Joanne Ang Zhou (05/10/2015 14:29)
A church that loves each other always keeps people!!
I like the staff & pastor Michael's sermons are always practical & inspiring!
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