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Church, Place Of Worship
6350 N Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89149, USA
Coordinate: 36.2760446, -115.2958069
Rating: 4.60
Phone: +1 702-399-6897
Heddy Dossigny (26/11/2017 08:51)
Beautiful brand new church with lots of veneration from multiple nice groups of seniors Americans n young American n kids ,Latinos n Philippines people as well, like veneration of Inmaculate
Nice cheerful swing singers choir n several punctual Fathers n funny sense of humor as well as greeters 😍

Robert Santos (31/08/2017 11:01)
I went to daily mass and was very pleased. They had 2 priest celebrating the Holy Mass and have an Adoration chapel! The priest that gave the homily was direct in his message and with no fluff..the Truth is what we need.

Robert Pernett (17/07/2017 06:59)
Las Vegas's newest Catholic Church. Nice people!

Terry Austin (08/07/2017 23:29)
I enjoy going to Mass and the fact that they say the rosery before the daily mass.

Kristina Gallardo (26/06/2017 23:41)
My family & I visited and attended St. Anthony church for the first time yesterday, we didn't know that there's a Catholic Church that's only 5mins away from us. The mass started great till they stop to talk about the financial need of the church and per the speaker he was disappointed to the people that comes to the church and so on. He's facial reaction was full of anger and disappointment, even as everyone walk out he was at the door with the same facial reaction without a smile on his face. Everyone is struggling in their own way at home including us, but we went to church to thank god for still watching over us. I loss my job of 11yrs, had a heart failure that caused me to go on labor early and had a premature baby. With everything going on it's hard to seek for financial help, but god is always good. That's why we hope that next week we experience a much welcoming mass than yesterday. God is good, I pray that no more cutting the mass session to speak about financial issues next week and have the speaker received good news. My family and I felt awkward as everyone else in church sits silently like their so used of this kind of talk during mass. The priest yesterday had a very welcoming smile. May god help the church received good news in funding the church need. This church is simple but beautiful, it would be sad to have new family experience what we experience yesterday.

Anthony Adymy (11/06/2017 23:11)
Warm, loving place of worship. My Sunday solace of peace from the weekly madness of life. 8am mass isn't usually crowded.

Cristie Vining (23/12/2016 09:40)
Very organized , close to home and the Priest here are very nice and sometimes funny. I want to suggest a day care while the parents are in church . Little children gets impatient and cries during sermon and I couldn't hear what the priest is saying. Other than that I love going to this church 😊

Nathan Staton (28/11/2016 03:40)
This is the first catholic church I have been to in my life it look's amazing but I don't like the fact they don't have pew's or any wine but still love this place. And with that peace be with you.

Marta Rodriguez (30/10/2016 06:04)
SAP is a beautiful church, very organized, and ushers welcoming you always with a smile. Fr. Steve and Fr. Bob are great priests, Deacon Antonio, and Deacon Andre complement their clergy. The RE director Jessica, and everyone helping with coordination of events are doing an excellent job. I can't wait what is happening for the Christmas Party! I am amazed on how things are going for SAP future. I see people complaining a lot about not getting "wine" in the eucharist... It is not called "wine" people, it's called "the body of christ". SAP can make things better for the church if everyone give their fair share.

John Miraglia (23/10/2016 08:39)
This is my parish and my home. I have never felt anything but love here by all the parishioners especially the youth coordinators. The priests are truly one of a kind, we could never ask for a better pair of priests, they make every single person feel special a never neglected. I wouldn't give it up for anything. I definitely recommend this parish!

Abigail Drexler (24/04/2016 08:24)
When I moved to Las Vegas in August, this is the only parish that made me feel like I had a real home here. I was a bit upset that the whole Eucharist wasn't being offered, until I realized that having been in a school so long, there had been no need for it because of the rules set by the school, so funding the entire thing would take some time after paying the bills. There is a high amount of youth involvement, which is encouraged by the entire staff, who also work hard to keep everything in order. They have never made me feel like my concerns mattered any less than what they were trying to work on. This parish is run by a wonderful group of people and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun-loving parish.
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