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Church, Place Of Worship
1811 Pueblo Vista Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA
Coordinate: 36.1933244, -115.2704631
Rating: 4.50
Phone: +1 702-228-8311 home.html
dave mei (02/04/2018 13:46)
So went here with my family for first time. I noticed that the church has no life and is what I learned from past a dead church in my opinion. Very dry and bland. It needs an Awakening and a rehab. It didn't make me want to rejoice or praise the word. The schedule was off and there was no rhythm except the young lad who sung the songs. The preachers were very bland and one had such a bad accent i could understand what he was saying half the time. For the Day of Easter there wasn't even anything done special. Its also 2018, this church needs a projection screen so we cant see information that would be talked about.

Joanne FIGUEROA (11/03/2018 13:34)
Beautiful church. I attend everytime I am in town from California when visiting my daughter and son in law.

Mike Vecchiarelli (10/03/2018 08:46)
I love St. Elizabeth Ann Seton church. I go there often to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. The church is very pretty inside.

Selen Portillo (09/03/2018 05:52)
As a very new convert to Catlocism, I enjoy spending any free time I could find in the house of God. This church is very nice and beautiful. The gift shop offers a variety of precious goodies. But what's really important is everything that's beautiful and true, no matter what, they all point to one focal point, Jesus, the Son of the living God. And thanks to him today I am free from the walls that once imprisoned me and free from the shackles that once held me back. Today I am moving forward with Jesus and I love Him and He loves me, his lost sheep.

Robert Jones (19/02/2018 08:19)
I have attended for a little over 2 years:

Beautiful church, lots of outreach, programs to join, and the choir/ music program is top notch. The priests are very friendly and welcoming. Nice little gift shop as well.

Justice Ewing [STUDENT] (10/11/2017 13:03)
Forcing kids to do things they don't want to do. Forcing them to go everyday to every meeting or event no matter what or else you have to restart??? Kids should be worrying about living and school not worry about how cold it will be when they go to sleep in a box or if they'll be safe or not in the mountains? No cell phones? its a church in a rich area, the girls definitely need cell phones. Not all parents feel safe with the church having their kids. I know I would NEVER let my children under their care anywhere outside if the church walls. Not even their field. Never!!! I would never have my child even go here in the first place. Yes the services are okay and regular church, but the programs, horrendous. No thank you, fix it please.

Robin Ewing (10/11/2017 12:50)
Terrible, forcing KIDS to do things they don't want to. Putting them through harsh things when they should be worrying about enjoying their lives and school and NOT being put forced to sleep outside in a box? And then forcing them to go to every session no matter what and every little insane event ie the box sleepover that's horrible. Not everyone can follow this dictatorship! Horrible!

Craig Stivale (01/11/2017 22:22)
Very comforting and heartwarming place, you couldn’t ask for nicer people God bless.

Barb Chess (12/10/2017 09:47)
A truly emotional experience attending the memorial service for the massacre on 10117 on the Las Vegas Strip. What a heartwarming tribute to those we have lost in our community. God bless and save their souls one and all.

Michael Ngugi (08/09/2017 03:29)
From Nairobi Kenya, I was visiting my sister at ocean terrace n I decided to look for kneeler around the place and what a wonderful experience. My parishioners back in kiambu st Gregory the great loved my experience here

Uriel Zamorano (07/08/2017 01:06)
One of the best experience I have. Nicely done.

Edgar Montalvo (05/06/2017 08:01)
Beautiful place to praise, great enviroment and facilities. Very courteous people and and priests

Minion Overlord (01/06/2017 07:21)
The first time I stepped into St. ELIZABETH ANN SEATON I had an overwhelming feeling of warmth and feeling of welcome. I thought at that moment "This is where I belong!!"

Kenneth Moore (31/05/2017 06:54)
A wonderful experience. Friendly staff, clean good healthy,fresh food God bless em!

John Crea (21/02/2017 08:34)
Father who said 6pm mass on February 19 was great. He helped my girlfriend more than he'll ever know. Very generous and loving Catholic Church!

Nick Vegas (13/12/2016 17:09)
Great community involved with this church. People are very peaceful and respectful.

Red Feather (24/07/2016 21:46)
Another Protestanized liturgy with priests as MC. Sanctuary congested with women being busy, shlock music. A big, rich parish for sure, filled with greying heads far outnumbering children. Biological solution to above problems in progress.

Debbie Jones (17/07/2016 06:27)
This church is amazing. I have been to new church in Centennial Hills and they aren't open to being available. This church is welcoming. I feel a new home.

Judy Mucciarelli (01/02/2016 20:20)
For the five years I lived back and forth between NJ and Las Vegas this was my church. I absolutely loved it!!!!!! It offered so many different mass times that made it so convenient being I worked shift work. I spent many hours in the chapel for Adoration. It was sooooo comforting there! I had to come back east for family but I pray every day to come back!! Every Sunday I complain how much I miss my church!! I can not wait to return☺️

W Allen (11/01/2016 11:02)
I don't feel good about rating a Catholic Church, especially negatively.....but....

I have been on the road for 1.5 months with a small dog and not able to get to Mass as regularly as i want and was looking forward to Mass. Well...

Seems the congregation was not happy with a construction project and the priest took exception to this and stated Mass with no blessing but instead scolding the congregation! Shaking his finger and actually scolding the congregation en total! No introit, nothing. Judgmental and right into Kyrie.

Brought it up again in the homily! I have never come so close to walking out of Mass but unfamiliar with the city and doubted I could have go to another in time....

I won't be back and fear others feel the same...

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