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Dundee Dr, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Coordinate: -20.1942261, 28.564478
Rating: 3.40
Phone: +263 9 463 012
Founders High School Founders High School Founders High School Founders High School Founders High School Founders High School
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Sindile Moyo (06/04/2018 07:58)
I love it because it is the best and I have that experience

Jtmc 1285 (17/12/2017 07:31)
Dad went here and he has taught me life lessons

Sibonakaliso Mpala (25/11/2016 20:51)
Was here 1998 to 2003, 6 years of high school. Great teaching experience, excellent facilities, and even now (2016) I notice the administration is doing a great job sprucing up the school.

Prosper Siwela (30/06/2016 20:24)
Nice school

Tapera Mukwayira (07/03/2016 05:20)
Nolonger as good as the 90s

mthokozisi mlilo (23/04/2014 20:26)
A former Colonial only-indian school in Rhodesia established in ca.1950. The school boasts of above average facilities in Zimbabwean standards, it has almost all sporting disciplines. At one stage it was a feeder school to Highlanders fc's junior side. It boasted of grooming the likes of Noel Kaseke a once sought after midfielder. One of the few schools in Africa that have produced a hollywood star, Andrew Shaw! The school also has a former government minister, Dr Muguti a former deputy minister of health. In bulawayo standards it is the epicentre for business oriented A'levels combinations, boasting of 100% pass rates in Economics! It has produced a sizeable number of graduate students and ministers in government. Its a school with a rich culture and diversity drawn from its students demographics, the haves and have nots.
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